1. 19 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      Move code handling key loading errors into a common function · b85007e0
      Michał Kępień authored
      Some values returned by dstkey_fromconfig() indicate that key loading
      should be interrupted, others do not.  There are also certain subsequent
      checks to be made after parsing a key from configuration and the results
      of these checks also affect the key loading process.  All of this
      complicates the key loading logic.
      In order to make the relevant parts of the code easier to follow, reduce
      the body of the inner for loop in load_view_keys() to a single call to a
      new function, process_key().  Move dstkey_fromconfig() error handling to
      process_key() as well and add comments to clearly describe the effects
      of various key loading errors.
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  9. 08 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      Fix a race between "rndc reconfig" and waiting for a ./DNSKEY fetch to complete · 012ca0a2
      Michał Kępień authored
      Calling nextpart() after reconfiguring ns1 is not safe, because the
      expected log message may appear in ns5/named.run before nextpart() is
      run.  With the TTL for ./DNSKEY set to 20 seconds, ns5 will refresh it
      after 10 seconds, by which time wait_for_log() will already have failed.
      This results in a false negative.
      However, just calling nextpart() before reconfiguring ns1 would
      introduce a different problem: if ns5 refreshed ./DNSKEY between these
      two steps, the subsequent wait_for_log() call would return immediately
      as it would come across the log message about a failure while refreshing
      ./DNSKEY instead of the expected success.  This in turn would result in
      a different false negative as the root key would still be uninitialized
      by the time "rndc secroots" is called.
      Prevent both kinds of false negatives by:
        - calling nextpart() before reconfiguring ns1, in order to prevent the
          first case described above,
        - looking for a more specific log message, in order to prevent the
          second case described above.
      Also look for a more specific log message in the first part of the
      relevant check, not to fix any problem, but just to emphasize that a
      different fetch result is expected in that case.
      With these tweaks in place, if a (failed) ./DNSKEY refresh is scheduled
      between nextpart() and reconfiguring ns1, wait_for_log() will just wait
      for two more seconds (one "hour"), at which point another refresh
      attempt will be made that will succeed.
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      [master] tag initializing keys · c9f8165a
      Evan Hunt authored
      4798.	[func]		Keys specified in "managed-keys" statements
      			are tagged as "initializing" until they have been
      			updated by a key refresh query. If initialization
      			fails it will be visible from "rndc secroots".
      			[RT #46267]
  16. 12 Oct, 2017 2 commits
  17. 03 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      [master] rndc managed-keys destroy · 762dc8b8
      Evan Hunt authored
      4750.	[func]		"rndc managed-keys destroy" shuts down RFC 5011 key
      			maintenance and deletes the managed-keys database.
      			If followed by "rndc reconfig" or a server restart,
      			key maintenance is reinitialized from scratch.
      			This is primarily intended for testing. [RT #32456]
  18. 31 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      [master] remove default algorithm in dnssec-keygen · 45afdb26
      Evan Hunt authored
      4594.	[func]		dnssec-keygen no longer uses RSASHA1 by default;
      			the signing algorithm must be specified on
      			the command line with the "-a" option.  Signing
      			scripts that rely on the existing default behavior
      			will break; use "dnssec-keygen -a RSASHA1" to
      			repair them. (The goal of this change is to make
      			it easier to find scripts using RSASHA1 so they
      			can be changed in the event of that algorithm
      			being deprecated in the future.) [RT #44755]
  19. 27 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      [master] enhanced rfc 5011 logging · 0d90835d
      Evan Hunt authored
      4642.	[cleanup]	Add more logging of RFC 5011 events affecting the
      			status of managed keys: newly observed keys,
      			deletion of revoked keys, etc. [RT #45354]
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      update copyright notice / whitespace · 29756974
      Tinderbox User authored
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      [master] 5011 tests and fixes · 591389c7
      Evan Hunt authored
      4056.	[bug]		Expanded automatic testing of trust anchor
      			management and fixed several small bugs including
      			a memory leak and a possible loss of key state
      			information. [RT #38458]
      4055.	[func]		"rndc managed-keys" can be used to check status
      			of trust anchors or to force keys to be refreshed,
      			Also, the managed keys data file has easier-to-read
      			comments.  [RT #38458]