1. 20 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      Automatically trigger GitLab Pages pipelines · bc9ca361
      Michał Kępień authored
      Whenever master or one for the v9_* branches gets updated, the current
      ARM should be published on GitLab Pages.  Add a pipeline stage which
      takes care of triggering GitLab Pages pipelines.  Extend the lifetime of
      artifact archives containing the ARM to prevent GitLab Pages pipelines
      from failing due to artifacts being unavailable.
      (cherry picked from commit 31bde118)
  2. 19 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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      Generate the ARM during CI · 3cfe2e0f
      Michał Kępień authored
      Add a CI job which generates the HTML version of the ARM and makes it
      available for download.  Since this is expected to be a quick process,
      the new job is enabled for all pipelines.
      (cherry picked from commit 3f443468)
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      Fix CI · f5260a85
      Michał Kępień authored
      Use GitLab Registry for CI purposes.  Disable EdDSA support for Debian
      sid since the OpenSSL version shipped with it has broken Ed448 support.
      Use /dev/urandom as the random device in the "ecdsa" system test to
      prevent newer OpenSSL versions from running out of entropy when
      verifying ECDSA signatures.
      (cherry picked from commit e5ebc139)
  3. 25 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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  7. 13 Jul, 2018 2 commits
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      Add CentOS 6/7 to CI · 4d1b250d
      Michał Kępień authored
      Modify .gitlab-ci.yml so that every CI pipeline also builds and tests
      BIND on CentOS versions 6 and 7.  Use --disable-warn-error on CentOS 6
      since it uses GCC 4.4.7 which suffers from bugs causing bogus warnings
      to be generated, e.g.:
          sigs_test.c: In function 'compare_tuples':
          sigs_test.c:75: warning: declaration of 'index' shadows a global declaration
          /usr/include/string.h:489: warning: shadowed declaration is here
          sigs_test.c: In function 'updatesigs_test':
          sigs_test.c:193: warning: declaration of 'index' shadows a global declaration
          /usr/include/string.h:489: warning: shadowed declaration is here
      (cherry picked from commit f0966d14)
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      Update ATF path in the ./configure invocation used during CI · 03f2cb37
      Michał Kępień authored
      The Docker images used for CI install ATF to /usr, not /usr/local.
      Update the ./configure invocation in .gitlab-ci.yml accordingly in order
      to prevent confusion.
      (cherry picked from commit 12df6829)
  8. 11 Jul, 2018 2 commits
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