1. 16 Apr, 1999 3 commits
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      Made addnode and findnode aware of the case where the result of the · c40654ee
      David Lawrence authored
      comparison is "subdomain" but the full name at the existing node is
      not in common with the input name -- when the last label is a bitstring
      with some common bits.
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      added "check" command to test dns_rbt_findnode and dns_rbtnodechain_current. · 73780729
      David Lawrence authored
      input can now have comments.
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      The ADD_ANCESTOR macro now checks for the required memory, since it is used · ec80744a
      David Lawrence authored
      in a lot of places now.  It _returns_ if it fails to get the necessary memory,
      so any function using it should be returning a dns_result_t.
      chain_name moved toward start of file, for inlining by findnode.
      move_chain_to_last broke out some functionality of dns_rbtnodechain_last
      (which now calls it), also for the benefit of findnode.
      dns_rbtnodechain_init on the chain used by addnode.
      All of the new_foundname concatenation gook was removed from findnode,
      which now just sets foundname by using chain_name.
      The chain set up by findnode points to the predecessor when the searched
      for name is not found.
      nodechain_current was changed to take name, origin and node parameters while
      returning a dns_result_t.  This allows the chain returned by findnode to
      be named.
      The nodechain_{first,last,prev} use nodechain_current to set their
      names and origins.  nodechain_next does not need it because it will never
      have to do the "set the origin to '.' and remove '.' from names in the
      root level" bit.  The root level will never be more than one name, and
      everything in the megatree is a successor to that node, so 'next' never
      reaches the root level.
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