1. 06 Oct, 2022 3 commits
  2. 05 Oct, 2022 29 commits
    • Mark Andrews's avatar
      Merge branch '3577-reloads-in-ixfr-system-test-happen-too-fast' into 'main' · 00f42688
      Mark Andrews authored
      Resolve "reloads in ixfr system test happen too fast"
      Closes #3577
      See merge request !6855
    • Mark Andrews's avatar
      Add sleeps to ixfr system test · 491a8cfe
      Mark Andrews authored
      ensure that at least a second has passed since a zone was last loaded
      to prevent it accidentally being skipped as up to date.
    • Evan Hunt's avatar
      Merge branch '3560-fix-view-resolver-layer-weak-references-violation' into 'main' · f2fa1416
      Evan Hunt authored
      Resolve violation of weak referencing dns_view
      Closes #3560
      See merge request !6848
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Record the 'edns-udp-size' in the view, not in the resolver · 0dcbc627
      Ondřej Surý authored and Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt committed
      Getting the recorded value of 'edns-udp-size' from the resolver requires
      strong attach to the dns_view because we are accessing `view->resolver`.
      This is not the case in places (f.e. dns_zone unit) where `.udpsize` is
      accessed.  By moving the .udpsize field from `struct dns_resolver` to
      `struct dns_view`, we can access the value directly even with weakly
      attached dns_view without the need to lock the view because `.udpsize`
      can be accessed after the dns_view object has been shut down.
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Resolve violation of weak referencing dns_view · bff30253
      Ondřej Surý authored and Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt committed
      The dns_view implements weak and strong reference counting.  When strong
      reference counting reaches zero, the adb, ntatable and resolver objects
      are shut down and detached.
      In dns_zone and dns_nta the dns_view was weakly attached, but the
      view->resolver reference was accessed directly leading to dereferencing
      the NULL pointer.
      Add dns_view_getresolver() method which attaches to view->resolver
      object under the lock (if it still exists) ensuring the dns_resolver
      will be kept referenced until not needed.
    • Michal Nowak's avatar
      Merge branch 'mnowak/drop-flake8-ignore-lists' into 'main' · 934a6a8b
      Michal Nowak authored
      Drop flake8 ignore lists
      See merge request !6778
    • Michal Nowak's avatar
      Drop flake8 ignore lists · f5d9fa6e
      Michal Nowak authored
      flake8 is not used in BIND 9 CI and inline ignore lists are not needed
    • Tony Finch's avatar
      Merge branch '3580-coverity-constant-boolean-dead-code' into 'main' · eb5da6bb
      Tony Finch authored
      Avoid dead code warning when using a constant boolean
      Closes #3580
      See merge request !6862
    • Tony Finch's avatar
      Avoid dead code warning when using a constant boolean · 138908b2
      Tony Finch authored and Tony Finch's avatar Tony Finch committed
      The value of `sign_bit` is platform-dependent but constant at compile
      time. Use a cast to convert the boolean `sign_bit` to 0 or 1 instead of
      ternary `?:` because one branch of the conditional is dead code. (We
      could leave out the cast to `size_t` but our style prefers to handle
      booleans more explicitly, hence the `?:` that caused the issue.)
          *** CID 358310:  Possible Control flow issues  (DEADCODE)
          /lib/isc/resource.c: 118 in isc_resource_setlimit()
          112     		 * rlim_t, and whether rlim_t has a sign bit.
          113     		 */
          114     		isc_resourcevalue_t rlim_max = UINT64_MAX;
          115     		size_t wider = sizeof(rlim_max) - sizeof(rlim_t);
          116     		bool sign_bit = (double)(rlim_t)-1 < 0;
          >>>     CID 358310:  Possible Control flow issues  (DEADCODE)
          >>>     Execution cannot reach the expression "1" inside this statement: "rlim_max >>= 8UL * wider + ...".
          118     		rlim_max >>= CHAR_BIT * wider + (sign_bit ? 1 : 0);
          119     		rlim_value = ISC_MIN(value, rlim_max);
          120     	}
          122     	rl.rlim_cur = rl.rlim_max = rlim_value;
          123     	unixresult = setrlimit(unixresource, &rl);
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Merge branch 'ondrej/add-isc_mem_zero' into 'main' · 0e928782
      Ondřej Surý authored
      Replace isc_mem_*_aligned(..., alignment) with isc_mem_*x(..., flags)
      See merge request !6398
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Add CHANGES note for [GL !6398] · 5878ff65
      Ondřej Surý authored
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Use isc_mem_regetx() when appropriate · e18b6fb6
      Ondřej Surý authored
      While refactoring the isc_mem_getx(...) usage, couple places were
      identified where the memory was resized manually.  Use the
      isc_mem_reget(...) that was introduced in [GL !5440] to resize the
      arrays via function rather than a custom code.
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Use designated initializers instead of memset()/MEM_ZERO for structs · c0598d40
      Ondřej Surý authored
      In several places, the structures were cleaned with memset(...)) and
      thus the semantic patch converted the isc_mem_get(...) to
      isc_mem_getx(..., ISC_MEM_ZERO).  Use the designated initializer to
      initialized the structures instead of zeroing the memory with
      ISC_MEM_ZERO flag as this better matches the intended purpose.
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Add and use semantic patch to replace isc_mem_get/allocate+memset · c1d26b53
      Ondřej Surý authored
      Add new semantic patch to replace the straightfoward uses of:
        ptr = isc_mem_{get,allocate}(..., size);
        memset(ptr, 0, size);
      with the new API call:
        ptr = isc_mem_{get,allocate}x(..., size, ISC_MEM_ZERO);
    • Ondřej Surý's avatar
      Replace isc_mem_*_aligned(..., alignment) with isc_mem_*x(..., flags) · dbf5672f
      Ondřej Surý authored
      Previously, the isc_mem_get_aligned() and friends took alignment size as
      one of the arguments.  Replace the specific function with more generic
      extended variant that now accepts ISC_MEM_ALIGN(alignment) for aligned
      allocations and ISC_MEM_ZERO for allocations that zeroes
      the (re-)allocated memory before returning the pointer to the caller.
    • Tony Finch's avatar
      Merge branch '3582-coverity-bench-siphash' into 'main' · 4d5fd50f
      Tony Finch authored
      Suppress division by zero warning
      Closes #3582
      See merge request !6863
    • Tony Finch's avatar
      Suppress division by zero warning · cf715d48
      Tony Finch authored
      Coverity is optimistic that we might do thousands of hashes in less
      than a microsecond.
          /tests/bench/siphash.c: 54 in main()
          48     			count++;
          49     		}
          51     		isc_time_now_hires(&finish);
          53     		us = isc_time_microdiff(&finish, &start);
          >>>     CID 358309:  Integer handling issues  (DIVIDE_BY_ZERO)
          >>>     In expression "count * 1000UL / us", division by expression "us" which may be zero has undefined behavior.
          54     		printf("%f us wide-lower len %3zu, %7llu kh/s (%llx)\n",
          55     		       (double)us / 1000000.0, len,
          56     		       (unsigned long long)(count * 1000 / us),
          57     		       (unsigned long long)sum);
          58     	}
    • Petr Špaček's avatar
      Merge branch '3572-fix-duplicate-link-anchor' into 'main' · 61b3dcc0
      Petr Špaček authored
      Deduplicate link anchors in the ARM
      See merge request !6846
    • Petr Špaček's avatar
      Remove manually defined anchors pointing to statement definitions · 137e0f4e
      Petr Špaček authored
      This is hopefully end of duplication. This batch did not cause clashes
      in Sphinx but it was pointless nonetheless as we have auto-generated
      anchors for all statements.
    • Tom Krizek's avatar
      Remove trailing whitespaces · ea2d213f
      Tom Krizek authored and Petr Špaček's avatar Petr Špaček committed
    • Petr Špaček's avatar
      Deduplicate link anchors in the ARM · 9a7c2b37
      Petr Špaček authored
      Some statement names like "allow-query" had manually defined link anchor
      _allow-query and also implicit anchor created by
      .. namedconf:statement:: syntax. This causes warnings if a ambiguous
      reference is made using :any:`allow-query` syntax.
      Remove (hopefully all) manually defined anchors which pointed to
      identical place as the implicit anchor. This allows :any: to work.
      In rare cases where manual anchor points to descriptive text separated
      from statement definition the reference was disamguated by replacing
      :any:`notify` with :ref:`notify` (for manual anchor)
      vs. :namedconf:ref:`notify` (for statement definition).
      Please note that `options` statement is a trap: It is ambiguous even
      without manual anchor because rndc.conf has its own `options`. Use
      :namedconf:ref:`options` vs. :rndcconf:ref:`options` to select
      appropriate target.
    • Mark Andrews's avatar
      Merge branch '3338-zero-system-test-add-forensics' into 'main' · 952e1cb4
      Mark Andrews authored
      Add additional forensics to zero system test
      See merge request !6295
    • Mark Andrews's avatar
    • Petr Špaček's avatar
      Merge branch 'pspacek/tsan-ci-artifacts-fix' into 'main' · 6f6f925b
      Petr Špaček authored
      Fix TSAN artifact gathering in CI
      See merge request !6853
    • Petr Špaček's avatar
      Fix TSAN artifact gathering in CI · 9559eb3b
      Petr Špaček authored
      Fixup for 2c3b2dab.
      We forgot to update TSAN paths when moving all the unit tests to
      /tests/.  Let's remove paths from find to make it less dependent on
      exact location, and store all untracked files as we do in the normal
      unit test template.
      Related: !6243
    • Matthijs Mekking's avatar
      Merge branch 'matthijs-refactor-serve-stale' into 'main' · faba9658
      Matthijs Mekking authored
      Refactor serve-stale stale-answer-client-timeout 0
      See merge request !6845
    • Matthijs Mekking's avatar
      If refresh stale RRset times out, start stale-refresh-time · 0681b152
      Matthijs Mekking authored
      The previous commit failed some tests because we expect that if a
      fetch fails and we have stale candidates in cache, the
      stale-refresh-time window is started. This means that if we hit a stale
      entry in cache and answering stale data is allowed, we don't bother
      resolving it again for as long we are within the stale-refresh-time
      This is useful for two reasons:
      - If we failed to fetch the RRset that we are looking for, we are not
        hammering the authoritative servers.
      - Successor clients don't need to wait for stale-answer-client-timeout
        to get their DNS response, only the first one to query will take
        the latency penalty.
      The latter is not useful when stale-answer-client-timeout is 0 though.
      So this exception code only to make sure we don't try to refresh the
      RRset again if it failed to do so recently.
    • Matthijs Mekking's avatar
      Reuse recursion type code for refresh stale RRset · 64d51285
      Matthijs Mekking authored
      Refreshing a stale RRset is similar to prefetching an RRset, so
      reuse the existing code. When refreshing an RRset we need to clear
      all db options related to serve-stale so that stale RRsets in cache
      are ignored during the refresh.
      We no longer need to set the "nodetach" flag, because the refresh
      fetch is now a "fetch and forget". So we can detach from the client
      in the query_send().
      This code will break some serve-stale test cases, this will be fixed
      in the successor commit.
      TODO: add explanation why the serve-stale test cases fail.
    • Matthijs Mekking's avatar
      Add new recursion type for refreshing stale RRset · 5fb8e555
      Matthijs Mekking authored
      Refreshing a stale RRset is similar to a prefetch query, so we can
      refactor this code to use the new recursion types introduced in !5883.
  3. 04 Oct, 2022 8 commits