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      2564. [bug] 'named' was treating a TCP retry as a timeout when · 499fa720
      Mark Andrews authored
                              deciding whether to perform a EDNS fallback step.
                              [RT #19393]
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      Say chapter instead of section when referring to chapter. · 522d25b2
      Jeremy Reed authored
      (No structure change here.)
      (Note that the "Organization of This Document" is somewhat wrong,
      but I am not fixing this yet as I have to consider my restructuring
      ideas for ARM first.)
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      Many minor changes: · 7a2c4df8
      Jeremy Reed authored
      Add formatting tags around syntax that was missing. Be consistent.
      Remove a few paragraph breaks before "For example:".
      Fix typo "will will".
      Change description of pid-file to not mislead (since other programs
      don't parse named.conf to figure out the PID file :)
      Remove some unneeded commas.
      Minor grammar fixes.
      Clarify edns-udp-size to say "... to control the size of packets received."
      Reformatted that paragragh too (in docbook, not rendered version.
      (TODO: cross-reference these descriptions.)
      Hyphenate "built-in" to be consistent.
      Remove space in "100000" (for style). (Some use space, period, comma
      for thousands.)
      Capitalize TTL in one place.
      Say that the -t option is "for named". (Reformat that paragraph in
      docbook while here.)
      named is in /usr/local/sbin not /usr/local/bin for example.
      BIND 8 is deprecated. Don't publicly say we do security-related patches
      for BIND 4 or BIND 8.
      (Note I have many, many more improvements to do. Trying to catch up on
      all my uncommitted fixes some dating back to 2007. Note I can't easily
      -- due to time -- commit all separately and then check to see if the
      apply to older ARMs and backport. If you think differently on how this
      should be approached or if you have time to backport some of these
      or want me to pick at least some to backport, please let me know.)
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      2563. [bug] Dig could leak a socket causing it to wait forever · 967a7094
      Mark Andrews authored
                              to exit. [RT #19359]
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      regen · 58d9e916
      Automatic Updater authored
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