1. 21 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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      [master] store "addzone" zone config in a NZD database · eca74c52
      Evan Hunt authored
      4421.	[func]		When built with LMDB (Lightning Memory-mapped
      			Database), named will now use a database to store
      			the configuration for zones added by "rndc addzone"
      			instead of using a flat NZF file. This improves
      			performance of "rndc delzone" and "rndc modzone"
      			significantly. Existing NZF files will
      			automatically by converted to NZD databases.
      			To view the contents of an NZD or to roll back to
      			NZF format, use "named-nzd2nzf". To disable
                              this feature, use "configure --without-lmdb".
                              [RT #39837]