Run gcc:pkcs11 CI jobs on Fedora image

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When fixing #2453 (closed) I failed to fix the very same issue but when PKCS#11 is configured instead of OpenSSL. Those warnings are being revealed, when the gcc:pkcs11 test needs to be ported from Buster to Fedora (see isc-projects/images!145). I opt to disable all warnings on the Fedora image via --disable-warn-error ./configure option on v9_11. BIND 9.11 is in security maintenance mode which prevents for a proper in-code fix. In effect it's a similar situation to CentOS 6, where --disable-warn-error is used as well, just there the compiler is too old, not too new as on Fedora.

The other approach is to add -Wno-error=array-parameter to CFLAGS in gcc:pkcs11 CI job, but I prefer the approach already taken for CentOS 6.

The v9.16 part is !5610 (merged).

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