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This branch has several changes to get pipelines to run faster:

  • remove several of the build jobs, keeping only the ones on debian-sid, which are used as input to the test jobs. this is expected to be temporary; we can put back the other jobs when we've sorted out the current problems with docker hosts, and added more hardware. right now, having eight builds triggered on a single docker runner slows things down too much. this change reduces the build step from 17 minutes to 9.
  • use --disable-static in the configure options, so that C files only have to be compiled once. this further reduces the build step to about 5 minutes.
  • suppress running of the old-style unit tests in bin/tests/timers, bin/tests/task, bin/tests/mem, etc. it's long been our intention to convert these tests to ATF (and in fact IIRC one of them, bin/tests/master/t_master, already has been converted but we forgot to delete the original). this takes 2 minutes off the test step. we need to convert these to ATF and we also need to start using ATF in our test pipeline, which will slow things down again, but in the meantime I think we should make this temporary change.
  • increase the number of simultaneous test processes to 8. with the xfer build fixed (see !61 (merged)) this seems to be safe to do. this reduces test duration from 7-8 minutes to 6. (I've been able to get it under 5 minutes by using even more processes, but other tests - notably ixfr - get flaky at that point. when that's been addressed, we can go further.

all together, with no other pipelines running at the same time, this branch finishes in 11-12 minutes, which is almost acceptable. (on my personal laptop it took 6.)

please review.

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