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Ensure junit is created in failed tarball and out-of-tree jobs

Failed system:gcc:tarball after script:

Running after script...
$ (source bin/tests/system/; $PYTHON bin/tests/ . > junit.xml)
/bin/bash: line 159: bin/tests/system/ No such file or directory

system:gcc:tarball now:

Running after script...
$ if [[ -n "${OUT_OF_TREE_WORKSPACE}" ]]; then cd "${OUT_OF_TREE_WORKSPACE}"; else test -d bind-* && cd bind-* || true; fi
$ (source bin/tests/system/; $PYTHON "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/bin/tests/" . > "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/junit.xml")
$ test -d bind-* && cd bind-*
$ cat bin/tests/system/test-suite.log

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