named-checkzone — zone file validity checking tool


named-checkzone [-d] [-j] [-q] [-v] [-c class] [-k mode] [-n mode] [-o filename] [-t directory] [-w directory] [-D] [-W mode] {zonename} {filename}


named-checkzone checks the syntax and integrity of a zone file. It performs the same checks as named does when loading a zone. This makes named-checkzone useful for checking zone files before configuring them into a name server.



Enable debugging.


Quiet mode - exit code only.


Print the version of the named-checkzone program and exit.


When loading the zone file read the journal if it exists.

-c class

Specify the class of the zone. If not specified "IN" is assumed.

-k mode

Perform "check-name" checks with the specified failure mode. Possible modes are "fail", "warn" (default) and "ignore".

-n mode

Specify whether NS records should be checked to see if they are addresses. Possible modes are "fail", "warn" (default) and "ignore".

-o filename

Write zone output to filename.

-t directory

chroot to directory so that include directives in the configuration file are processed as if run by a similarly chrooted named.

-w directory

chdir to directory so that relative filenames in master file $INCLUDE directives work. This is similar to the directory clause in named.conf.


Dump zone file in canonical format.

-W mode

Specify whether to check for non-terminal wildcards. Non-terminal wildcards are almost always the result of a failure to understand the wildcard matching algorithm (RFC 1034). Possible modes are "warn" (default) and "ignore".


The domain name of the zone being checked.


The name of the zone file.


named-checkzone returns an exit status of 1 if errors were detected and 0 otherwise.


named(8), RFC 1035, BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual.


Internet Systems Consortium