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    Work around an OpenBSD "make" quirk · 6b5426e1
    Michał Kępień authored
    Consider the following Makefile:
    On OpenBSD, the following happens for this Makefile:
      - "make foo" returns 1,
      - "make -k foo" returns 0,
      - "make -k -j6 foo" returns 1.
    However, if the .NOTPARALLEL pseudo-target is added to this Makefile,
    "make -k -j6 foo" will return 0 as well.
    Since bin/tests/Makefile contains the .NOTPARALLEL pseudo-target,
    running "make -k -j6 test" from bin/tests/ on OpenBSD prevents any
    errors from being reported through that command's exit code.
    Work around the issue by running "make -k -j6 test" in the
    bin/tests/system/ directory instead as bin/tests/system/Makefile does
    not contain the .NOTPARALLEL pseudo-target and thus things work as
    expected there.
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