Commit 22422a2f authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews

Fix code to generate the test signatues.

* ctx needs to be destroyed before it is regenerated.
* emit the name of the signature to be replaced.
* cleanup memory before asserting so post longjump doesn't detect a
  memory leak.
* comment code.

(cherry picked from commit 3a8c8a2a)
parent 67451d55
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......@@ -208,14 +208,49 @@ check_sig(const char *datapath, const char *sigpath, const char *keyname,
assert_int_equal(result, ISC_R_SUCCESS);
result = dst_context_verify(ctx, &sigreg);
assert_true((expect && (result == ISC_R_SUCCESS)) ||
(!expect && (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS)));
* Compute the expected signature and emit it
* so the precomputed signature can be updated.
* This should only be done if the covered data
* is updated.
if (expect && result != ISC_R_SUCCESS) {
isc_result_t result2;
result2 = dst_context_create(
key, dt_mctx, DNS_LOGCATEGORY_GENERAL, false, 0, &ctx);
assert_int_equal(result2, ISC_R_SUCCESS);
result2 = dst_context_adddata(ctx, &datareg);
assert_int_equal(result2, ISC_R_SUCCESS);
char sigbuf2[4096];
isc_buffer_t sigb;
isc_buffer_init(&sigb, sigbuf2, sizeof(sigbuf2));
result2 = dst_context_sign(ctx, &sigb);
assert_int_equal(result2, ISC_R_SUCCESS);
isc_region_t r;
isc_buffer_usedregion(&sigb, &r);
char hexbuf[4096] = { 0 };
isc_buffer_t hb;
isc_buffer_init(&hb, hexbuf, sizeof(hexbuf));
isc_hex_totext(&r, 0, "", &hb);
fprintf(stderr, "# %s:\n# %s\n", sigpath, hexbuf);
isc_mem_put(mctx, data, size + 1);
assert_true((expect && (result == ISC_R_SUCCESS)) ||
(!expect && (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS)));
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