Commit 5a4a6b5e authored by Michał Kępień's avatar Michał Kępień

Add a job creating a release tarball to GitLab CI

Add a GitLab CI job (which is run only if all other jobs in a pipeline
succeed) that builds a BIND release tarball, i.e. fetches the source
tarball from the tarball building job, creates Windows zips, puts
certain parts of BIND documentation into the appropriate places, and
packs it all up into a single tarball whose contents can be subsequently
signed and published.
parent 2b1c8c54
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ stages:
- docs
- push
- postcheck
- release
### Runner Tag Templates
......@@ -1032,3 +1033,45 @@ system:msvc-debug:windows:amd64:
- msvc-debug:windows:amd64
needs: ["msvc-debug:windows:amd64"]
# Job producing a release tarball
<<: *debian_sid_amd64_image
stage: release
# Determine BIND version
- source version
# Remove redundant files and system test utilities from Windows build artifacts
- find Build/Release/ -name "*.pdb" -print -delete
- find Build/Debug/ \( -name "*.bsc" -o -name "*.idb" \) -print -delete
- find Build/ -regextype posix-extended -regex "Build/.*/($(find bin/tests/ -type f | sed -nE "s|^bin/tests(/system)?/win32/(.*)\.vcxproj$|\2|p" | paste -d"|" -s))\..*" -print -delete
# Create Windows zips
- openssl dgst -sha256 "${BIND_DIRECTORY}.tar.${TARBALL_EXTENSION}" | tee Build/Release/SHA256 Build/Debug/SHA256
- ( cd Build/Release; zip "../../BIND${BIND_DIRECTORY#bind-}" * )
- ( cd Build/Debug; zip "../../BIND${BIND_DIRECTORY#bind-}" * )
# Prepare release tarball contents (tarballs + zips + documentation)
- mkdir -p release/doc/arm
- pushd release
- mv "../${BIND_DIRECTORY}.tar.${TARBALL_EXTENSION}" ../BIND*.zip .
- tar --extract --file="${BIND_DIRECTORY}.tar.${TARBALL_EXTENSION}"
- mv "${BIND_DIRECTORY}"/doc/arm/{Bv9ARM{*.html,.pdf},man.*,notes.{html,pdf,txt}} doc/arm/
- rm -rf "${BIND_DIRECTORY}"
- cp doc/arm/notes.html "RELEASE-NOTES-${BIND_DIRECTORY}.html"
- cp doc/arm/notes.pdf "RELEASE-NOTES-${BIND_DIRECTORY}.pdf"
- cp doc/arm/notes.txt "RELEASE-NOTES-${BIND_DIRECTORY}.txt"
- popd
# Create release tarball
- tar --create --file="${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.tar.gz" --gzip release/
- tarball-create:sid:amd64
- msvc:windows:amd64
- msvc-debug:windows:amd64
- tags
- "*.tar.gz"
expire_in: "1 week"
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