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Minor CHANGES tweaks

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......@@ -3,14 +3,13 @@
"max-zone-ttl" for consistency with the existing
zone option.
- Allow for "lifetime unlimited" as a synonym for
"lifetime PT0S"
"lifetime PT0S".
- Make "key-directory" optional.
- Warn if specifying a key length does not make
sense; fail if key length is out of range for
the algorithm.
- Allow the use of mnemonics when specifying
key algorithm (e.g. "rsasha256", "ecdsa384",
- Allow use of mnemonics when specifying key
algorithm (e.g. "rsasha256", "ecdsa384", etc.).
- Make ISO 8601 durations case-insensitive.
[GL #1598]
......@@ -19,14 +18,14 @@
a --with-tuning=small option was added for small
(e.g. OpenWRT) systems. [GL !2989]
5354. [bug] dnssec-policy created new KSK keys when zone is in
initial stage of signing (the DS is not yet in
rumoured or omnipresent state). Fix by checking
key goals rather than active state when determining
new keys are needed. [GL #1593]
5354. [bug] dnssec-policy created new KSK keys for zones in the
initial stage of signing (with the DS not yet in the
rumoured or omnipresent states). Fix by checking the
key goals rather than the active state when determining
whether new keys are needed. [GL #1593]
5353. [doc] Document port and dscp parameters in forwarders
configuration option. [GL !914]
configuration option. [GL #914]
5352. [bug] Correctly handle catalog zone entries containing
characters that aren't legal in filenames. [GL #1592]
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