Commit a1332396 authored by Witold Krecicki's avatar Witold Krecicki Committed by Witold Krecicki

Don't limit the size of uvreq/nmhandle pool artificially.

There was a hard limit set on number of uvreq and nmhandles
that can be allocated by a pool, but we don't handle a situation
where we can't get an uvreq. Don't limit the number at all,
let the OS deal with it.
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......@@ -174,8 +174,7 @@ isc_nm_start(isc_mem_t *mctx, uint32_t workers) {
isc_mempool_create(mgr->mctx, sizeof(isc__nm_uvreq_t), &mgr->reqpool);
isc_mempool_setname(mgr->reqpool, "nm_reqpool");
isc_mempool_setmaxalloc(mgr->reqpool, 32768);
isc_mempool_setfreemax(mgr->reqpool, 32768);
isc_mempool_setfreemax(mgr->reqpool, 4096);
isc_mempool_associatelock(mgr->reqpool, &mgr->reqlock);
isc_mempool_setfillcount(mgr->reqpool, 32);
......@@ -183,8 +182,7 @@ isc_nm_start(isc_mem_t *mctx, uint32_t workers) {
isc_mempool_create(mgr->mctx, sizeof(isc__netievent_storage_t),
isc_mempool_setname(mgr->evpool, "nm_evpool");
isc_mempool_setmaxalloc(mgr->evpool, 32768);
isc_mempool_setfreemax(mgr->evpool, 32768);
isc_mempool_setfreemax(mgr->evpool, 4096);
isc_mempool_associatelock(mgr->evpool, &mgr->evlock);
isc_mempool_setfillcount(mgr->evpool, 32);
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