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    Various little fixes found by coccinelle · 288f5a4b
    Ondřej Surý authored
    The coccinellery repository provides many little semantic patches to fix common
    problems in the code.  The number of semantic patches in the coccinellery
    repository is high and most of the semantic patches apply only for Linux, so it
    doesn't make sense to run them on regular basis as the processing takes a lot of
    The list of issue found in BIND 9, by no means complete, includes:
    - double assignment to a variable
    - `continue` at the end of the loop
    - double checks for `NULL`
    - useless checks for `NULL` (cannot be `NULL`, because of earlier return)
    - using `0` instead of `NULL`
    - useless extra condition (`if (foo) return; if (!foo) { ...; }`)
    - removing & in front of static functions passed as arguments
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