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Internet Software Consortium
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Distribution
Version 3, Alpha Snapshot
May 7, 1999
June 8, 1999
This is an alpha test snapshot of Version 3 of the Internet Software
Consortium DHCP Distribution. In version 3, this distribution
......@@ -89,12 +89,12 @@ information. On Digital Unix, type ``man pfilt''.
To build the DHCP Distribution, unpack the compressed tar file using
the tar utility and the gzip command - type something like:
zcat dhcp-3.0-alpha-19990507.tar.gz |tar xvf -
zcat dhcp-3.0-alpha-19990608.tar.gz |tar xvf -
On BSD/OS, you have to type gzcat, not zcat, and you may run into
similar problems on other operating systems.
Now, cd to the dhcp-3.0-alpha-19990507 subdirectory that you've just
Now, cd to the dhcp-3.0-alpha-19990608 subdirectory that you've just
created and configure the source tree by typing:
......@@ -194,6 +194,21 @@ Another route that has worked for some users is:
If you are not using eth0 as your network interface, you should
specify the network interface you *are* using in your route command.
If you are running the DHCP server or client on a Linux system that's
also acting as a firewall, you must be sure to allow DHCP packets
through the firewall - Linux firewalls make filtering decisions before
they make the forwarding decision, so they will filter packets that
are intended for the firewall itself, as well as packets intended to
be forwarded. In particular, your firewall rules _must_ allow
packets from IP address to IP address from UDP
port 68 to UDP port 67 through. They must also allow packets from
your local firewall's IP address and UDP port 67 through to any
address your DHCP server might serve on UDP port 68. Finally,
packets from relay agents on port 67 to the DHCP server on port 67,
and vice versa, must be permitted.
Some versions of the Linux 2.1 kernel apparently prevent dhcpd from
/* Current version of ISC DHCP Distribution. */
#define DHCP_VERSION "V3.0alpha 19990507"
#define DHCP_VERSION "V3.0alpha 19990609"
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