Commit 06feb756 authored by Ted Lemon's avatar Ted Lemon

- Don't try to look up an object if we didn't get a description with which

  to do the lookup (since this would cause a core dump!).
parent 0e603324
......@@ -483,6 +483,13 @@ isc_result_t omapi_message_process (omapi_object_t *mo, omapi_object_t *po)
ISC_R_NOTIMPLEMENTED, message -> id,
"unsearchable object type");
if (!message -> object) {
return omapi_protocol_send_status
(po, (omapi_object_t *)0,
ISC_R_NOTFOUND, message -> id,
"no lookup key specified");
status = (*(type -> lookup)) (&object, (omapi_object_t *)0,
message -> object);
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