Commit 287d577c authored by Ted Lemon's avatar Ted Lemon
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- Add pointers to reference counting routines to hash table definition.

- Use void * instead of unsigned char * for pointers to hashed objects.
parent 4913117b
......@@ -22,16 +22,21 @@
typedef int (*hash_reference) (void *, void *, const char *, int);
typedef int (*hash_dereference) (void *, const char *, int);
struct hash_bucket {
struct hash_bucket *next;
const unsigned char *name;
unsigned len;
unsigned char *value;
void *value;
struct hash_table {
unsigned hash_count;
struct hash_bucket *buckets [DEFAULT_HASH_SIZE];
hash_reference referencer;
hash_dereference dereferencer;
struct named_hash {
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