Commit 3210786b authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[master] Server now permits one UID to hold leases in multiple subnets

    Merges in rt41358.
parent b3dc725e
......@@ -117,6 +117,15 @@ by Eric Young (
configure --with-libbind).
[ISC-Bugs #43285]
- The server now allows the client identifier (option 61) to own leases
in more than one subnet concurrently. Prior to this the server would
incorrectly release an existing lease in one subnet prior to assigning
a lease in another subnet. Note that the prior behavior can be still
be achieved by enabling one-lease-per-client. Thanks to both David Zych at
the University of Illinois and Norm Proffitt of Infoblox for reporting
the issue; and Norm for suggesting a solution.
[ISC-Bugs #41358]
Changes since 4.3.0 (bug fixes)
- Tidy up several small tickets.
......@@ -4152,6 +4152,7 @@ int find_lease (struct lease **lp,
* preference, so the first one is the best one.
while (uid_lease) {
isc_boolean_t do_release = !packet->raw->ciaddr.s_addr;
#if defined (DEBUG_FIND_LEASE)
log_info ("trying next lease matching client id: %s",
piaddr (uid_lease -> ip_addr));
......@@ -4182,6 +4183,9 @@ int find_lease (struct lease **lp,
log_info ("wrong network segment: %s",
piaddr (uid_lease -> ip_addr));
/* Allow multiple leases using the same UID
on different subnetworks. */
do_release = ISC_FALSE;
goto n_uid;
......@@ -4197,7 +4201,7 @@ int find_lease (struct lease **lp,
if (uid_lease -> n_uid)
lease_reference (&next,
uid_lease -> n_uid, MDL);
if (!packet -> raw -> ciaddr.s_addr)
if (do_release)
release_lease (uid_lease, packet);
lease_dereference (&uid_lease, MDL);
if (next) {
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