Commit 39788b3d authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[#80] Fixed unresolved symbol errors linking relay_unittests with libtool

modified: RELNOTES
modified: relay/tests/relay_unittests.c
parent 31e68e5e
......@@ -124,6 +124,10 @@ by Eric Young (
& Mitigations for reporting the issue.
- Corrected unresolved symbol errors building relay_unittests when
configured to build using libtool.
Changes since 4.4.1 (New Features)
- A new configuration parameter, ping-cltt-secs (v4 operation only), has
......@@ -406,3 +406,29 @@ ATF_TP_ADD_TCS(tp) {
return (atf_no_error());
/* Below are dummy function definitions to satisfy "required" symbols */
isc_result_t find_class (struct class **c, const char *s,
const char *file, int line) {
return 0;
int check_collection (struct packet *packet, struct lease *lease,
struct collection *collection) {
return 0;
void classify (struct packet *packet, struct class *class){}
void bootp(struct packet *packet){}
void dhcp(struct packet *packet){}
void dhcpv6(struct packet *packet){}
int parse_allow_deny (struct option_cache **oc, struct parse *cfile,
int flag) {
return 0;
isc_result_t dhcp_set_control_state (control_object_state_t oldstate,
control_object_state_t newstate) {
return (ISC_R_SUCCESS);
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