Commit 5092dd06 authored by Ted Lemon's avatar Ted Lemon

Add malloc debugging defines.

parent d7d2cbe8
......@@ -42,6 +42,26 @@
/* Define this if you want to track memory usage for the purpose of
noticing memory leaks quickly. */
/* Define this if you want exhaustive (and very slow) checking of the
malloc pool for corruption. */
/* #define DEBUG_MALLOC_POOL */
/* Define this if you want to maintain a history of the last N operations
that changed reference counts on objects. This can be used to debug
cases where an object is dereferenced too often, or not often enough. */
/* #define DEBUG_RC_HISTORY */
/* This is the number of history entries to maintain - by default, 256. */
/* #define RC_HISTORY_MAX xxx */
/* Define this if you want dhcpd to dump core when a non-fatal memory
allocation error is detected (i.e., something that would cause a
memory leak rather than a memory smash). */
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