Commit 5e1ef011 authored by Shawn Routhier's avatar Shawn Routhier
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Move the line that zeros the packet_oro variable to
be earlier so it is properly cleared if we exit early.
parent d4218989
......@@ -1253,6 +1253,8 @@ lease_to_client(struct data_string *reply_ret,
isc_boolean_t no_resources_avail = ISC_FALSE;
memset(&packet_oro, 0, sizeof(packet_oro));
/* Locate the client. */
if (shared_network_from_packet6(&reply.shared,
packet) != ISC_R_SUCCESS)
......@@ -1275,7 +1277,6 @@ lease_to_client(struct data_string *reply_ret,
* Get the ORO from the packet, if any.
oc = lookup_option(&dhcpv6_universe, packet->options, D6O_ORO);
memset(&packet_oro, 0, sizeof(packet_oro));
if (oc != NULL) {
if (!evaluate_option_cache(&packet_oro, packet,
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