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Document changes to concat.

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......@@ -240,13 +240,12 @@ A list of hexadecimal octet values, seperated by colons, may be
specified as a data expression.
.B concat (\fIdata-expr1\fB, \fIdata-expr2\fB)\fR
.B concat (\fIdata-expr1\fB, ..., \fIdata-exprN\fB)\fR
.RS 0.25i
The two expressions are evaluated, and the result of concatenating the
results of the two evaluations is returned. If either subexpression
evaluates to null, then the result is the value of the other
expression. If both expressions evaluate to null, then the result is
The expressions are evaluated, and the results of each evaluation are
concatenated in the sequence that the subexpressions are listed. Any
subexpression that evaluates to null is treated as a zero-length string.
If all the arguments to concat are null, the result is also null.
.B reverse (\fInumeric-expr1\fB, \fIdata-expr2\fB)\fR
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