Commit 6b797e44 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[master] find_lease() now ACKs reclaimed abandoned addresses

    Merges in rt41815a.
parent dd3373f4
......@@ -4562,6 +4562,7 @@ int find_lease (struct lease **lp,
#if defined (DEBUG_FIND_LEASE)
log_info ("not choosing requested address (!).");
lease_dereference (&ip_lease, MDL);
} else {
#if defined (DEBUG_FIND_LEASE)
log_info ("choosing lease on requested address.");
......@@ -4570,7 +4571,6 @@ int find_lease (struct lease **lp,
if (lease -> host)
host_dereference (&lease -> host, MDL);
lease_dereference (&ip_lease, MDL);
/* If we got a lease that matched the client identifier, we may want
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