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Added DHCPv6 rapid commit support

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......@@ -50,8 +50,10 @@ work on other platforms. Please report any problems and suggested fixes to
Changes since 4.0.0 (new features)
- Added DHCPv6 rapid commit support.
- Added explicit parser support for zero-length DHCP options, such as
rapid-commit, via format code 'Z'
rapid-commit, via format code 'Z'.
- It's now possible to update the "ends" field of a lease with OMAPI.
This is useful if you want not only to release a lease, but also make
......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ static struct dhc6_ia *find_ia_na(struct dhc6_ia *head, const char *id);
static struct dhc6_addr *find_addr(struct dhc6_addr *head,
struct iaddr *address);
void init_handler(struct packet *packet, struct client_state *client);
void rapid_commit_handler(struct packet *packet, struct client_state *client);
void do_init6(void *input);
void do_confirm6(void *input);
void reply_handler(struct packet *packet, struct client_state *client);
......@@ -1405,6 +1406,13 @@ do_init6(void *input)
NULL, client->sent_options, &global_scope,
/* Use a specific handler with rapid-commit.
if (lookup_option(&dhcpv6_universe, client->sent_options,
client->v6_handler = rapid_commit_handler;
/* Append an IA_NA. */
/* XXX: maybe the IA_NA('s) should be put into the sent_options
* cache. They'd have to be pulled down as they also contain
......@@ -1947,6 +1955,23 @@ dhc6_check_advertise(struct dhc6_lease *lease)
return rval;
/* status code <-> action matrix for the client in INIT state
* (rapid/commit). Returns always false as no action is defined.
static isc_boolean_t
dhc6_init_action(struct client_state *client, isc_result_t rval,
unsigned code)
if (client == NULL)
if (rval == ISC_R_SUCCESS)
return ISC_FALSE;
/* No possible action in any case... */
return ISC_FALSE;
/* status code <-> action matrix for the client in SELECT state
* (request/reply). Returns true if action was taken (and the
* packet should be ignored), or false if no action was taken.
......@@ -2177,6 +2202,10 @@ dhc6_check_reply(struct client_state *client, struct dhc6_lease *new)
switch (client->state) {
case S_INIT:
action = dhc6_init_action;
action = dhc6_select_action;
......@@ -2235,6 +2264,10 @@ dhc6_check_reply(struct client_state *client, struct dhc6_lease *new)
if (client->state == S_REBOOTING)
return rval;
/* No old lease in rapid-commit. */
if (client->state == S_INIT)
return rval;
switch (client->state) {
/* Compare the new lease with the selected lease to make
......@@ -2297,7 +2330,7 @@ init_handler(struct packet *packet, struct client_state *client)
struct dhc6_lease *lease;
/* In INIT state, we send solicits, we only expect to get
* advertises (we don't support rapid commit yet).
* advertises (rapid commit has its own handler).
if (packet->dhcpv6_msg_type != DHCPV6_ADVERTISE)
......@@ -2340,6 +2373,82 @@ init_handler(struct packet *packet, struct client_state *client)
log_debug("RCV: Advertisement recorded.");
/* Specific version of init_handler() for rapid-commit.
rapid_commit_handler(struct packet *packet, struct client_state *client)
struct dhc6_lease *lease;
isc_result_t check_status;
/* On ADVERTISE just fall back to the init_handler().
if (packet->dhcpv6_msg_type == DHCPV6_ADVERTISE) {
init_handler(packet, client);
} else if (packet->dhcpv6_msg_type != DHCPV6_REPLY)
/* RFC3315 section 15.10 validation (same as 15.3 since we
* always include a client id).
if (!valid_reply(packet, client)) {
log_error("Invalid Reply - rejecting.");
/* A rapid-commit option MUST be here. */
if (lookup_option(&dhcpv6_universe, packet->options,
log_error("Reply without Rapid-Commit - rejecting.");
lease = dhc6_leaseify(packet);
/* This is an out of memory condition...hopefully a temporary
* problem. Returning now makes us try to retransmit later.
if (lease == NULL)
check_status = dhc6_check_reply(client, lease);
if (check_status != ISC_R_SUCCESS) {
dhc6_lease_destroy(&lease, MDL);
/* Jump to the selecting state. */
cancel_timeout(do_init6, client);
client->state = S_SELECTING;
/* Merge any bindings in the active lease (if there is one) into
* the new active lease.
dhc6_merge_lease(client->active_lease, lease);
/* Cleanup if a previous attempt to go bound failed. */
if (client->old_lease != NULL) {
dhc6_lease_destroy(&client->old_lease, MDL);
client->old_lease = NULL;
/* Make this lease active and BIND to it. */
if (client->active_lease != NULL)
client->old_lease = client->active_lease;
client->active_lease = lease;
/* We're done with the ADVERTISEd leases, if any. */
while(client->advertised_leases != NULL) {
lease = client->advertised_leases;
client->advertised_leases = lease->next;
dhc6_lease_destroy(&lease, MDL);
/* Find the 'best' lease in the cache of advertised leases (usually). From
* RFC3315 Section 17.1.3:
......@@ -3811,6 +3920,10 @@ make_client6_options(struct client_state *client, struct option_state **op,
/* Rapid-commit is only for SOLICITs. */
if (message != DHCPV6_SOLICIT)
delete_option(&dhcpv6_universe, *op, D6O_RAPID_COMMIT);
/* See if the user configured a DUID in a relevant scope. If not,
* introduce our default manufactured id.
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