Commit 7a0fb4d2 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[v4_1_esv] Use global server-identifier in NAKS when subnet is unknown.

    Merged in a portion of 35958:
    Added else-clause to logic in setup_server_source_address to execute
    global scope statements when packet->shared_network is NULL.  This ensures
    a global definition of server-identifier (if one) will be used.
parent d8d1ed6d
......@@ -107,6 +107,12 @@ by Eric Young (
BOOTP request handling.
[ISC-Bugs #36233]
- When the server cannot attribute an inbound request to a known subnet
and returning the server identifier in NAKS is enabled; the server
will use value of the configuration parameter server-identifier if it
is defined globally.
[ISC-Bugs #32545]
Changes since 4.1-ESV-R10rc1
- None
......@@ -4408,10 +4408,9 @@ setup_server_source_address(struct in_addr *from,
struct packet *packet) {
struct option_state *sid_options = NULL;
option_state_allocate (&sid_options, MDL);
if (packet->shared_network != NULL) {
option_state_allocate (&sid_options, MDL);
* If we have a subnet and group start with that else start
* with the shared network group. The first will recurse and
......@@ -4443,6 +4442,12 @@ setup_server_source_address(struct in_addr *from,
/* currently we don't bother with classes or hosts as
* neither seems to be useful in this case */
} else {
/* Look for global server identity for unknown networks */
execute_statements_in_scope(NULL, packet, NULL, NULL,
packet->options, sid_options,
&global_scope, root_group,
/* Make the call to get the server address */
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