Commit 9bb1ce33 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[#13,!7] Updated release note

parent dfcbe359
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ by Eric Young (
than in seconds (via ping-timeout). When greater than zero, the value
of ping-timeout-ms will override the value of ping-timeout. Thanks
to Jay Doran from Bluecat Networks for suggesting this feature.
[ISC-Bugs #10 git ebe4f7ae427fa91f561a0b6e5f242de08d319a16]
[ISC-Bugs #10,!6 git ebe4f7ae427fa91f561a0b6e5f242de08d319a16]
Changes since 4.4.1 (Bug Fixes)
......@@ -127,13 +127,13 @@ by Eric Young (
- Corrected a compilation issue that occurred when building without DNS
update ability (e.g. by undefining NSUPDATE).
[ISC-Bugs, #16,!9 git ddb508ac083dae4ff83279dd240bad7f73a97b7d]
[ISC-Bugs #16,!9 git ddb508ac083dae4ff83279dd240bad7f73a97b7d]
- Corrected an issue that was causing the server, when running in
DHPCv4 mode, to segfault when class lease limits are reached.
Thanks to Peter Nagy at Porion-Digital for reporting the matter
and submitting a patch.
[ISC-Bugs #13, !7 git #TBD]
[ISC-Bugs #13,!7 git dfcbe359ab278cad70015994ca73ef50d626b23a]
Changes since 4.4.0 (New Features)
- none
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