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......@@ -34,12 +34,14 @@ You particularly need to read these notes if you intend to support
Windows 95 clients. If you are running a version of FreeBSD prior to
2.2, please read the note on FreeBSD. If you are running HP-UX or
Ultrix, please read the notes for those operating systems below.
If you are running NeXTSTEP, please see the notes on NeXTSTEP below.
If you start dhcpd and get a message, "no free bpf", that means you
need to configure the Berkeley Packet Filter into your operating
system kernel. On NetBSD, FreeBSD and BSD/os, type ``man bpf'' for
information. On Digital Unix, type ``man pfilt''.
To build the DHCP Distribution, type ``configure''. If configure can
......@@ -161,6 +163,12 @@ running a version of FreeBSD prior to 2.2, and you find that dhcpd
can't communicate with its clients, you should #define BROKEN_FREEBSD_BPF
in site.h and recompile.
The NeXTSTEP support uses the NeXTSTEP Berkeley Packet Filter
extension, which is not included in the base system. You must
install this extension in order to get dhcpd or dhclient to work.
ISC DHCPD is not a commercial product, and is not supported in that
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