Commit cb7cfe5c authored by Ted Lemon's avatar Ted Lemon

Mention that an ASCII DHCP client identifier may include a leading NUL.

parent 33d1e366
......@@ -204,6 +204,18 @@ sending TCP segments. The minimum value is 1.
This option can be used to specify the a DHCP client identifier in a
host declaration, so that dhcpd can find the host record by matching
against the client identifier.
Please be aware that some DHCP clients, when configured with client
identifiers that are ASCII text, will prepend a zero to the ASCII
text. So you may need to write:
option dhcp-client-identifier "\\0foo";
rather than:
option dhcp-client-identifier "foo";
.B option \fBdhcp-max-message-size\fR \fIuint16\fR\fB;\fR
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