Commit cee439f8 authored by Ted Lemon's avatar Ted Lemon
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Add notice of 2.0.31 release of Linux

parent 60e173c0
......@@ -108,6 +108,13 @@ possible for dhcpd to operate on Linux with more than one network
interface. You must be running a 2.0.31 or greater kernel, and you must
have 2.0.31 system headers installed *before* you build dhcpd.
NOTE: People have been having problems finding the 2.0.31 kernel
because it was only available as a prerelease patch. As of October
17, Linux 2.0.31 is the stable Linux kernel, and is available as a
kernel distribution rather than as a test patch. With any luck, it
will be in the latest version of your favourite Linux distribution
If you are running a Linux 2.1 kernel, this does not guarantee that you
have SO_BINDTODEVICE. Linux 2.0.31 was released quite a while after 2.1
kernel development began. I do not know what version of Linux 2.1 has
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