Commit f50487df authored by Ted Lemon's avatar Ted Lemon

Header file for dhcpctl library.

parent d2513ce0
/* dhcpctl.h
Subroutines providing general support for objects. */
* Copyright (c) 1996-1999 Internet Software Consortium.
* Use is subject to license terms which appear in the file named
* ISC-LICENSE that should have accompanied this file when you
* received it. If a file named ISC-LICENSE did not accompany this
* file, or you are not sure the one you have is correct, you may
* obtain an applicable copy of the license at:
* This file is part of the ISC DHCP distribution. The documentation
* associated with this file is listed in the file DOCUMENTATION,
* included in the top-level directory of this release.
* Support and other services are available for ISC products - see
* for more information.
#include <omapip/omapip.h>
typedef isc_result_t dhcpctl_status;
typedef omapi_object_t *dhcpctl_handle;
typedef omapi_data_string_t *dhcpctl_data_string;
#define DHCPCTL_EXCL 4
typedef struct {
omapi_object_t *object;
void *data;
void (*callback) (dhcpctl_handle, dhcpctl_status, void *);
} dhcpctl_callback_object_t;
omapi_object_type_t *dhcpctl_type_callback;
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_initialize (void);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_connect (dhcpctl_handle *,
char *, int, dhcpctl_handle);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_open_object (dhcpctl_handle, dhcpctl_handle, int);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_new_object (dhcpctl_handle *, dhcpctl_handle, char *);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_set_callback (dhcpctl_handle, void *,
void (*) (dhcpctl_handle,
dhcpctl_status, void *));
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_wait_for_completion (dhcpctl_handle, dhcpctl_status *);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_get_value (dhcpctl_data_string *,
dhcpctl_handle, char *);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_get_boolean (int *, dhcpctl_handle, char *);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_set_value (dhcpctl_handle, dhcpctl_data_string, char *);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_set_string_value (dhcpctl_handle, char *, char *);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_set_boolean_value (dhcpctl_handle, int, char *);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_object_update (dhcpctl_handle, dhcpctl_handle);
dhcpctl_status dhcpctl_object_refresh (dhcpctl_handle, dhcpctl_handle);
isc_result_t dhcpctl_callback_set_value (omapi_object_t *, omapi_object_t *,
omapi_data_string_t *,
omapi_typed_data_t *);
isc_result_t dhcpctl_callback_get_value (omapi_object_t *, omapi_object_t *,
omapi_data_string_t *,
omapi_value_t **);
isc_result_t dhcpctl_callback_destroy (omapi_object_t *, char *);
isc_result_t dhcpctl_callback_signal_handler (omapi_object_t *,
char *, va_list);
isc_result_t dhcpctl_callback_stuff_values (omapi_object_t *,
omapi_object_t *,
omapi_object_t *);
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