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      [master] Update client code to RFC7550 · c88dfebd
      Shawn Routhier authored
      Update the v6 client code to handle getting
      IA_NAs and IA_PDs in the same request better.
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit ad1bf23100eba541c26c6c26fc2c5c9dc57dd674
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Mon Nov 16 23:08:13 2015 -0800
          [rt40190] Use dhc6_check_status for addresses and prefixes
      commit 4cb1d499342e68c5c93b7e8dac71c9adbd737846
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Mon Nov 16 22:02:05 2015 -0800
          [rt40190] Correct the tests for a status code in the client
          Some of the tests for the NoAddrs or NoPrefix codes in the
          were incorrect, checking for a return of not success instead
          of success.
      commit 41ad9ea4438c0f64b95ec7afeac38afd2f3b36cb
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Fri Nov 13 21:04:55 2015 -0800
          [rt40190] Update site.h to have the correct default
      commit cb720dac6670e1a6cc19b22550506ded4093abef
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Fri Nov 13 21:03:38 2015 -0800
          [rt40190] update per second set of review comments
          Mostly this is a set of updates to the documentation.
          The only code change is to add a backwards compatibility
          option in includes/site.h for people who want the old weightings
          for the client lease scoring.
      commit 269a5324b950062380b4e3988f56593dc21d05d9
      Author: Thomas Markwalder <tmark@isc.org>
      Date:   Thu Nov 12 09:00:36 2015 -0500
          [40190] Fixed another typo
      commit 7da158497cd9236c30dfdce2b115818d1954839f
      Author: Thomas Markwalder <tmark@isc.org>
      Date:   Thu Nov 12 07:29:33 2015 -0500
          [40190] Minor cosmetics in dhc6.c
      commit a010737de36e5ad2f46bb11f471ac66ccbc856aa
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Sat Nov 7 00:05:20 2015 -0800
          [rt40190] Update the use of the minimum score
          Update the use of the minimum score to use #defines instead
          of 150.  This corrects it for the current values and allows
          us to change the values if we include a backwards compatibility
      commit b078575da08c06a75a49110273bf42e24d03c08a
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Fri Nov 6 21:55:05 2015 -0800
          [rt40190] Updates per review comments
          Update several comments to be more informative
          The code changes are mostly to fold all the two
          bare_ia routines together.
      commit 248c498d45db5533f992fb6eb30ee6c3c399ee81
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Tue Oct 20 02:06:45 2015 -0700
          [rt40190] Fix up some typos
      commit ba074eff2e82af0cfd25428e7f38bccd5fef7241
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Tue Oct 20 01:28:34 2015 -0700
          [rt40190] Patch for client side of 7550
          Finish up the code to handle multiple PDs and NAs
          in a single request, this includes updating the
          command line to add the -R option to require the
          requested IAs rather than accept the best advertised
      commit 5bb4368b8410e3c7bcdc28fdf4ae5572df04d03b
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Thu Oct 15 09:50:14 2015 -0700
          [rt40190] checkpoint my work
          The basic code is working there are still some issues with how
          corner cases get handled that I need to resolve
      commit 4c0dba90fcd71c85fca3612aa5083fa11645f8f6
      Author: Shawn Routhier <sar@isc.org>
      Date:   Sun Oct 11 19:23:53 2015 -0700
          [rt40190] Some changes for rfc7550, to be updated
          This is being checked in so I can look at other tickets
          but I plan to re-arrange the code a fair amount.
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      [master] Add define to disable gentle shutodwn by default · e9326fd0
      Shawn Routhier authored
      Add a define to disable the gentle shutdown feature by default.
      The feature has some effects (recover-wait in failvoer pairs)
      and release in clients that are always desired.  We plan to
      revisit this in order to make it easier to use but with the
      define it can be enabled if necessary.
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      [master] Add -df option to client code to help share DUIDs · 79818c93
      Shawn Routhier authored
      Add the "-df <duid file>" option to the client code in order
      to make it easier to share DUIDs between a v4 instance and
      a v6 instance.  This option instructs the client to search
      the duid file for a DUID if it didn't find one in the main
      lease file.
      In addition add the infrastructure for running ATF tests
      for the client and write some ATF tests for this patch.
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      [master] · 47e8308d
      Shawn Routhier authored
          [32692] Signal handlers added: sigint (ctrl-c) and sigterm (default kill)
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      -n [master] · a7341359
      Shawn Routhier authored
          Add code to suppor on {commit expiry release} statements for DHCPv6.
          There are several pieces to this change
          1) Add space in the iasubopt structure to hold the statement pointers
          2) Update the execute code to fill in the structures as necessary
          3) Execute the statements when appropriate
          Many of the changes in the non-v6 code are to pass the v6 structures
          around to the execute code.
    • Shawn Routhier's avatar
      [master] · ad4001ce
      Shawn Routhier authored
      Add a sleep call after trying to kill a previous client.  This
      should make the "-r" option to the client work more consistently.
      [ISC-Bugs: 18175]
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      [master] · 10613724
      Shawn Routhier authored
      The client now passes information about the options it requested
      from the server to the script code via environment variables.
      These variables are of the form requested_<option_name>=1 with
      the option name being the same as used in the new_* and old_*
      variables. [ISC-Bugs #29068]
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    • Shawn Routhier's avatar
      Fix some issues in the code for parsing and printing options. · 35de6c8c
      Shawn Routhier authored
      [ISC-Bugs #22625] - properly print options that have several fields
      followed by an array of something for example "fIa"
      [ISC-Bugs #27289] - properly parse options in declarations that have
      several fields followed by an array of something for example "fIa"
      [ISC-Bugs #27296] - properly determine if we parsed a 16 or 32 bit
      value in evaluate_numeric_expression (extract-int).
      [ISC-Bugs #27314] - properly parse a zero length option from
      a lease file.  Thanks to Marius Tomaschewski from SUSE for the report
      and prototype patch for this ticket as well as ticket 27289.
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    • Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
      - Strict checks for content of domain-name DHCPv4 option can now be · d15aa964
      Tomek Mrugalski authored
        configured during compilation time. Even though RFC2132 does not allow
        to store more than one domain in domain-name option, such behavior is
        now enabled by default, but this may change some time in the future.
        See ACCEPT_LIST_IN_DOMAIN_NAME define in includes/site.h.
        [ISC-Bugs #24167]
  34. 11 May, 2011 2 commits
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      Minor code cleanups - but note port change for #23196 · fb30f3fc
      Shawn Routhier authored
      [ISC-Bugs #23470] - Modify when an ignore return macro is defined to
      handle unsed error return warnings for more versions of gcc.
      [ISC-Bugs #23196] - Modify the reply handling in the server code to
      send to a specified port rather than to the source port for the incoming
      message.  Sending to the source port was test code that should have
      been removed.  The previous functionality may be restored by defining
      REPLY_TO_SOURCE_PORT in the includes/site.h file.  We suggest you don't
      enable this except for testing purposes.
      [ISC-Bugs #22695] - Close a file descriptor in an error path.
      [ISC-Bugs #19368] - Tidy up variable types in validate_port.