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......@@ -98,43 +98,6 @@ will not be correct for your operating system until after you iterate
'make install' (so if you're reading a manpage out of the source
directory, it may not have up-to-date information).
This is ISC DHCP 4.3.x The major theme for this release is "ipv6 uplift",
in which we enhance the v6 code to support many of the features found
in the v4 code. These include: support for v6, support for on_commit,
on_expiry and on_release in v6, support for accessing v6 relay options
and better log messages for v6 addresses. Non v6 features include:
support for the standard DDNS, better OMAPI class and sub-class support
allowing for dynamic addition and removal of sub-classes, and support for
DDNS without zone statements.
In this release, the DHCPv6 server should be fully functional on Linux,
Solaris, or any BSD. The DHCPv6 client should be similarly functional
except on Solaris.
The DHCPv4 server, relay, and client, should be fully functional
on Linux, Solaris, any BSD, HPUX, SCO, NextSTEP, and Irix.
If you are running the DHCP distribution on a machine which is a
firewall, or if there is a firewall between your DHCP server(s) and
DHCP clients, please read the section on firewalls which appears later
in this document.
If you wish to run the DHCP Distribution on Linux, please see the
Linux-specific notes later in this document. If you wish to run on an
SCO release, please see the SCO-specific notes later in this document.
You particularly need to read these notes if you intend to support
Windows 95 clients. If you are running HP-UX or Ultrix, please read the
notes for those operating systems below. If you are running NeXTSTEP,
please see the notes on NeXTSTEP below.
If you start dhcpd and get a message, "no free bpf", that means you
need to configure the Berkeley Packet Filter into your operating
system kernel. On NetBSD, FreeBSD and BSD/os, type ``man bpf'' for
information. On Digital Unix, type ``man pfilt''.
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ Please note that that ISC DHCP is now licensed under the Mozilla Public License,
MPL 2.0. Please see to read the MPL 2.0
license terms.
The areas of focus for ISC DHCP 4.4.x were:
The areas of focus for ISC DHCP 4.4 were:
1. Dynamic DNS additions
2. dhclient improvements
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