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......@@ -34,21 +34,13 @@ want. It would be extremely helpful if you can attach any configuration files (d
dhclient), along with a step-by-step procedure to carry out the test(s). This will help us verify
your changes as extend our own system tests.
Building ISC DHCP code from the repository is slightly different than the release tarballs. One
major difference is that it does not have BIND source bundled inside and those have to be
downloaded separately. Fortunately, there's an easy to use script for that:
sh util/ v4_4
./configure --with-atf
Make sure you have ATF (Automated Test Framework) installed in your system. For more information
about ATF, please refer to <dhcp source tree>/doc/devel/atf.dox. Note, running "make devel" in this
directory will generate the documentation. To run the unit-tests, simply run:
./configure --with-atf
make check
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