Commit f72ed815 authored by Evan Hunt's avatar Evan Hunt

[master] add "configure --with-bind" option to dnsperf

4568.	[contrib]	Added a --with-bind option to the dnsperf configure
			script to specify BIND prefix path.
parent f8d78db5
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......@@ -58,7 +58,19 @@ AC_DEFUN(AC_SA_LEN,
AC_CHECK_LIB(socket, socket)
AC_CHECK_LIB(nsl, inet_ntoa)
AC_PATH_PROG(ac_cv_isc_config, [], "no")
[ --with-bind=[[PATH]] Specify ISC BIND 9 prefix path],
use_bind="$withval", use_bind="yes")
AC_MSG_CHECKING(for BIND 9 libraries)
if test $use_bind = no; then
AC_MSG_ERROR(BIND 9 libraries must be installed)
elif test $use_bind = yes; then
AC_PATH_PROG(ac_cv_isc_config, [], "no", [$bindpath])
if test "$ac_cv_isc_config" = "no"; then
AC_MSG_ERROR(BIND 9 libraries must be installed)
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