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Force use of Net::DNS 1.15 in CentOS images

Net::DNS 1.16 introduced a DNS compression bug which breaks BIND system
tests.  Prevent CI errors by temporarily forcing use of Net::DNS 1.15
in CentOS Docker images.
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......@@ -53,4 +53,4 @@ RUN ldconfig
RUN curl -sSL$KYUA_VERSION/kyua-$KYUA_VERSION.tar.gz | tar -xz -C /usr/src
RUN cd /usr/src/kyua-$KYUA_VERSION && sed -i "s|^set(|tree_set(|; s|^\(\s\+\)set<|\1tree_set<|;" model/metadata.cpp && ./configure --prefix /usr && make && make install && cd .. && rm -rf /usr/tests /usr/src/kyua-$KYUA_VERSION
RUN ldconfig
RUN mkdir /usr/local/{lib64,share}/perl5 && cpan -fi Net::DNS
RUN mkdir /usr/local/{lib64,share}/perl5 && cpan -fi N/NL/NLNETLABS/Net-DNS-1.15.tar.gz
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