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......@@ -32,9 +32,21 @@ where:
by overriding the response code or by adding additional
and then registering them with the server with the `.use` method, e.g.:
new RADIUS.Server()
auth: myAuthenticationFunc,
acct: myAccountingFunc
For an example server, see `test-server.js`. This trivial server
accepts only one combination of valid username and password
(myuser/mypass) and will reject all others.
(myuser/mypass) and will reject all others. A second handler then adds
a default IP address and Subnet mask (e.g. for dynamic dialup) for any
successful login.
Callback functions are invoked _asynchronously_ and return a `Promise`.
If that Promise resolves to a "truthy" value the response is sent
......@@ -46,7 +58,7 @@ The default behaviour with no callbacks registered is:
- `Access-Request` packets generate `Access-Reject`
- `Accounting-Request` packets generating `Accounting-Response`
- `Accounting-Request` packets generate `Accounting-Response`
- `Server-Status` packets are not passed to the callbacks but are handled
internally within the framework. They generate either `Access-Accept`
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