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    3401 - D2 now supports with-kea-config switch · 1c4d345d
    Thomas Markwalder authored
    The configuration switch --with-kea-config, now selects between
    two versions of D2Controller:
    1. One which must run as a BUNDY module and is implemented in
    All of the BIND10 support was extracted from DControllerBase and moved
    into this version of D2Controller.
    This controller is tested in tests/bundy_d2_controller_unittests.cc
    2. One that runs as a stand alone executable which must be supplied
    with a configuration file via the command line and is implemented in
    This version of D2Controller is nearly identical the the original.
    DControllerBase supports configuration from file.
    This controller is tested in tests/d2_controller_unittests.cc
    DControllerBase now inherits from Daemon which keeps it in step with
    K4 and K6.
    The stand-alone mode flag has been removed from all controllers.
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