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    use unix domain socket instead of localhost:9912 · 3ef6ad20
    Jelte Jansen authored
    on the msgq and python side, the socket file is either:
    - what is speficied as an argument to the constructor, OR
    - environment variable BIND10_MSGQ_SOCKET_FILE, OR
    - default (@localstatedir@/msgq_socket)
    in that order.
    two open items:
    TODO: run_X scripts should set a local file in BIND10_MSGQ_SOCKET_FILE (so if installed dirs don't exist run from source fails right now)
    TODO: the c++ boost::asio version has no 'manual override', only environment variable or default. (which is better than what it was before, only hardcoded port 9912), fixing this would mean an API change somewhere
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