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    [trac3470] Replace static containers with shared pointers in SignalSet · 79014890
    Thomas Markwalder authored
    Changed the functions, getRegisteredSignals() and getSignalStates()
    to instantiate static shared pointers and return these, rather than
    raw pointers to statically declared containers.
    Added private shared pointer members to SignalSet, registered_signals_
    and signal_states_.  These are initialized within SignalSet constructors
    by calling the functions getRegisteredSignals() and getSignalStates()
    respectively.  This ensures that both static lists remain inscope until
    all SignalSets have been destroyed.
    Replaced use of getRegisteredSignals() and getSignalStates() with
    new private members, registered_signals_ and signal_states_.
    Removed work-around code in src/bin/d2/d_controller.cc put in place
    until this ticket was resolved.
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