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    [3436] Added position info to top level parser creation in D2 · e10603ef
    Thomas Markwalder authored
    Added element position argument to DCfgMgrBase::createConfigParser(),
    so derivations have access to print position info unsupported top level
    element errors.
    Removed two log messages DCT_ORDER_ERROR and DCT_ORDER_NO_ELEMENT. These
    conditions are well explained in exceptions thrown and these logs just
    cluttered the log output.
    Removed extra text from DCTL_CONFIG_LOAD_FAIL and DCTL_PARSER_FAIL log
    messages. The log ID is self-explanatory and the underlying exceptions
    provide ample explanation of the error.  Makes the log output much easier
    to understand.
    Revised items-not-in-parse-order detection in DCfgMgrBase::parseConfig().
    Rather than complicated counting logic, objects are removed from the list
    as they are parsed.  Any left over were not in the parsing-order.
    Removed try-catch-throw from DCfgMgrBase::buildAndCommit. This method
    already throws its own exception. Catching, logging, and re-throwing
    exceptions from underneath it really just server to clutter the log.
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