Commit 005a08df authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen

[1455] handling part and response building

parent 1aea433b
......@@ -39,3 +39,11 @@ possible, you may want to check the implementation or configuration of
those clients to suppress the requests. As specified in Section 3.1
of RFC2136, the receiving server will return a response with an RCODE
% LIBDDNS_UPDATE_PREREQUISITE_FAILED prerequisite failed in update update client %1 for zone %2: result code %3
The handling of the prerequisite section (RFC2136 Section 3.2) found
that one of the prerequisites was not satisfied. The result code
should give more information on what prerequisite type failed.
If the result code is FORMERR, the prerequisite section was not well-formed.
An error response with the given result code is sent back to the client.
......@@ -123,9 +123,14 @@ class UpdateSession:
datasrc_client, zname, zclass = self.__get_update_zone()
# conceptual code that would follow
prereq_result = self.__check_prerequisites(datasrc_client, zname, zclass)
if prereq_result != UPDATE_SUCCESS:
return prereq_result, zname, zclass
prereq_result = self.__check_prerequisites(datasrc_client,
zname, zclass)
if prereq_result != Rcode.NOERROR():,
zname, prereq_result)
return UPDATE_ERROR, zname, zclass
# self.__check_update_acl()
# self.__do_update()
# self.__make_response(Rcode.NOERROR())
......@@ -247,7 +252,7 @@ class UpdateSession:
def __check_prerequisite_name_not_in_use(self, datasrc_client, rrset):
'''Check whether the name of the given RRset is not in use (i.e. does
not exist at all, or is an empty nonterminal.
RFC2136 Section 2.4.5
RFC2136 Section 2.4.5.
return not self.__check_prerequisite_name_in_use(datasrc_client, rrset)
......@@ -477,12 +477,24 @@ class SessionTest(unittest.TestCase):
returns the Rcode specified in 'expected'.'''
msg_data, msg = create_update_msg([TEST_ZONE_RECORD],
session = UpdateSession(msg, msg_data, TEST_CLIENT4, None)
zconfig = ZoneConfig([], TEST_RRCLASS, self.__datasrc_client)
session = UpdateSession(msg, msg_data, TEST_CLIENT4, zconfig)
# compare the to_text output of the rcodes (nicer error messages)
# This call itself should also be done by handle(),
# but just for better failures, it is first called on itw own
# Now see if handle finds the same result
(result, _, _) = session.handle()
# And that the result looks right
if expected == Rcode.NOERROR():
self.assertEqual(UPDATE_SUCCESS, result)
self.assertEqual(UPDATE_ERROR, result)
def test_check_prerequisites(self):
# This test checks if the actual prerequisite-type-specific
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