Commit 01bbf69d authored by Wlodzimierz Wencel's avatar Wlodzimierz Wencel Committed by Tomek Mrugalski

[#572] added ChangeLog entry

parent 4446ebd4
1683. [bug] wlodek
Perfdhcp is able to parse incoming packet and determine
if included IA_NA/IA_PD options are correct, counter
of rejected leases is introduced for all DHCP v6 message
exchanges. Perfdhcp will no longer send Request/Renew/Release
message without proper IA_NA/IA_PD included.
(Gitlab #572)
1682. [bug]* tmark
Added logic to core code and HA hook lib to allow HA peers
to detect and handle out of bandwidth socket events. This
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