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a heuristic parameter adjustment for the previous margin

(20%) didn't always work for a (seemingly) slow machine, so raise it to 25%.

should be quite trivial, and skipping formal review.  discussed on jabber.

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parent 01fe767f
......@@ -70,9 +70,9 @@ TEST(BenchMarkTest, run) {
const int sub_iterations = 23;
const int sleep_time = 50000; // will sleep for 50ms
// we cannot expect particular accuracy on the measured duration, so
// we'll include some conservative margin (20%) and perform range
// we'll include some conservative margin (25%) and perform range
// comparison below.
const int duration_margin = 10000; // 10ms
const int duration_margin = 12500; // 12.5ms
const int ONE_MILLION = 1000000;
// Prerequisite check: since the tests in this case may depend on subtle
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