Commit 0669a4f4 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2093] constify

parent de315c3e
...@@ -999,19 +999,19 @@ TEST_F(RBTreeTest, getAbsoluteLabels) { ...@@ -999,19 +999,19 @@ TEST_F(RBTreeTest, getAbsoluteLabels) {
"c", "b", "a", "x", "z", "g.h", "i", "o", "c", "b", "a", "x", "z", "g.h", "i", "o",
"j", "p", "q", "k"}; "j", "p", "q", "k"};
int name_count = sizeof(domain_names) / sizeof(domain_names[0]); const int name_count = sizeof(domain_names) / sizeof(domain_names[0]);
uint8_t buf[LabelSequence::MAX_SERIALIZED_LENGTH]; uint8_t buf[LabelSequence::MAX_SERIALIZED_LENGTH];
for (int i = 0; i < name_count; ++i) { for (int i = 0; i < name_count; ++i) {
EXPECT_EQ(RBTree<int>::EXACTMATCH, rbtree.find(Name(domain_names[i]), EXPECT_EQ(RBTree<int>::EXACTMATCH, rbtree.find(Name(domain_names[i]),
&crbtnode)); &crbtnode));
// First make sure the names themselves are not absolute // First make sure the names themselves are not absolute
LabelSequence ls(crbtnode->getLabels()); const LabelSequence ls(crbtnode->getLabels());
EXPECT_EQ(first_labels[i], ls.toText()); EXPECT_EQ(first_labels[i], ls.toText());
EXPECT_FALSE(ls.isAbsolute()); EXPECT_FALSE(ls.isAbsolute());
// Now check the absolute names // Now check the absolute names
LabelSequence abs_ls(crbtnode->getAbsoluteLabels(buf)); const LabelSequence abs_ls(crbtnode->getAbsoluteLabels(buf));
EXPECT_EQ(Name(domain_names[i]).toText(), abs_ls.toText()); EXPECT_EQ(Name(domain_names[i]).toText(), abs_ls.toText());
EXPECT_TRUE(abs_ls.isAbsolute()); EXPECT_TRUE(abs_ls.isAbsolute());
} }
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