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[1956] Code cleanup - many comments updated.

parent 6643603e
......@@ -20,10 +20,25 @@
namespace isc {
namespace perfdhcp {
/// \brief DHCPv6 option at specific offset
/// \brief DHCP option at specific offset
/// This class represents DHCPv6 option at specified
/// offset in DHCPv6 message.
/// This class represents DHCP option at specified
/// offset in DHCP message.
/// Objects of this type are intended to be used when DHCP packets
/// are created from templates (e.g. read from template file).
/// Such packets have number of that have to be replaced before
/// sending: e.g. DUID can be randomized. If option of this type
/// is added to \ref PerfPkt6 options collection,
/// \ref perfdhcp::PerfPkt6 will call \ref getOffset on this object
/// to retrieve user-defined option position and replace contents of
/// the output buffer at this offset before packet is sent to the server.
/// (\see perfdhcp::PerfPkt6::rawPack).
/// In order to read on-wire data from incoming packet client class
/// has to specify options of \ref perfdhcp::LocalizedOption type
/// with expected offsets of these options in a packet. The
/// \ret perfdhcp::PerfPkt6 will use offsets to read fragments
/// of packet and store them in options' buffers.
/// (\see perfdhcp::PerfPkt6::rawUnpack).
class LocalizedOption : public dhcp::Option {
......@@ -32,7 +47,7 @@ public:
/// \param u specifies universe (V4 or V6)
/// \param type option type (0-255 for V4 and 0-65535 for V6)
/// \param data content of the option
LocalizedOption(dhcp::Option::Universe u, uint16_t type, const dhcp::OptionBuffer& data) :
LocalizedOption(dhcp::Option::Universe u, uint16_t type, const dhcp::OptionBuffer& data) :
dhcp::Option(u, type, data),
offset_(0) {
......@@ -77,21 +92,20 @@ public:
/// \param first iterator to the first element that should be copied
/// \param last iterator to the next element after the last one
/// to be copied.
/// \param offset location of option in a packet (zero is default)
/// \param offset offset of option in a packet (zero is default)
LocalizedOption(dhcp::Option::Universe u, uint16_t type, dhcp::OptionBufferConstIter first,
dhcp::OptionBufferConstIter last, const size_t offset) :
dhcp::Option(u, type, first, last),
offset_(offset) {
/// \brief Returns absolute position (offset) of an option in a
/// DHCPv6 packet.
/// \brief Returns offset of an option in a DHCP packet.
/// \return option offset in a packet
size_t getOffset() const { return offset_; };
size_t offset_; ///< Offset of DHCPv6 option in a packet
size_t offset_; ///< Offset of DHCP option in a packet
......@@ -87,9 +87,8 @@ PerfPkt6::rawPackOptions() {
// Replace existing option with new value.
// Seek to the end of the end of the buffer
// Seek to the end of the buffer to make sure size is correct.
bufferOut_.skip(data_.size() - bufferOut_.getLength());
catch (const Exception&) {
isc_throw(isc::Unexpected, "Failed to build packet (Option build failed");
......@@ -113,7 +112,11 @@ PerfPkt6::rawUnpackOptions() {
size_t offset = opt_pos;
// uint16_t opt_type = data_[offset] * 256 + data_[offset + 1];
uint16_t opt_type = data_[offset] * 256 + data_[offset + 1];
if (opt_type != option->getType()) {
"Failed to unpack option from raw buffer (Option type mismatch)");
offset += 2;
uint16_t opt_len = data_[offset] * 256 + data_[offset + 1];
offset += 2;
......@@ -47,10 +47,6 @@ namespace perfdhcp {
/// that options must be of the
/// \ref isc::perfdhcp::LocalizedOption type.
/// This class also records timestamps of last pack/unpack
/// operation on the packet. This is to track DHCP server
/// performance based on packet's send/receive duration.
/// \note: if you don't use template files simply use constructors
/// inherited from parent class and isc::dhcp::Option type instead
......@@ -100,11 +96,10 @@ public:
/// The method copies user buffer to output buffer and
/// extracts transaction id from it based on transaction id
/// offset provided in constructor.
/// Eventually, this method updates packet timestamp.
/// \note: Use this method to prepare on-wire DHCPv6 message
/// when you use template packets that require replacement
/// of selected options contents before sending.
/// of selected options' contents before sending.
/// \retrun false, id pack operation failed.
bool rawPack();
......@@ -130,16 +125,32 @@ private:
/// \brief Updates options in the output buffer
/// This method updates options in the output buffer
/// with the ones provided with
/// \ref isc::dhcp::Pkt6::addOption. It is expected
/// that these options will be of the
/// \ref isc::perfdhcp::LocalizedOption type
/// with their position (offset) specified.
/// The method uses options collection added to object
/// of this class with \ref dhcp::Pkt6::addOption to
/// on-wire data. Option objects has to be of
/// \ref perfdhcp::LocalizedOption type and should
/// have non-zero values of offsets specified.
/// This method will use these offsets to seek to
/// given position in output buffer and update option
/// on-wire data with contents of option's buffer.
/// \throw isc::Unexpected if options update failed.
void rawPackOptions();
/// \brief Reads contents of specified options from buffer
/// The method reads options data from the copy of the buffer
/// provided in constructor and stores data in options
/// objects that belong to options collection.
/// Client class that constructs this object has to create
/// options collection prior to calling \ref rawUnpack
/// method that in turn calls this method.
/// If option is not added to options collection, it will
/// not be added by this method. This method will rather
/// skip update of such an option even if it is present
/// in packet's buffer.
/// \throw isc::Unexpected if options unpack failed.
void rawUnpackOptions();
size_t transid_offset_; ///< transaction id offset
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