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[538-kea-should-not-store-anything-in-var-kea-lsb-violation] Added ChangeLog...

[538-kea-should-not-store-anything-in-var-kea-lsb-violation] Added ChangeLog entry for /var/kea change
parent 928b9ae5
1594. [bug] fdupont
Kea no longer uses the .../var/kea directory, for instance pid
files are now in .../var/run/kea.
BEWARE this applies to the kea-dhcp6-serverid file so if the
server will not find the file at its new location it will believe
it is the first time it is being started and will generate a new
server DUID. If that happens, clients will keep trying to get to
the old server and be confused.
(Gitlab #538,!334, git 928b9ae57452aae1dff92ad689ba180fa975381c)
1593. [bug] marcin
Fixed a bug in the Kea Control Agent which caused a sporadic crash
after a tiemout while sending the HTTP response to the controlling
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