Commit 0f7a43ef authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[213] Reimplement the start_* tests

Which check it is started correctly on startup, not only on
parent 9f854755
......@@ -487,6 +487,39 @@ class TestStartStopProcessesBob(unittest.TestCase):
'special': 'resolver' }
return {'components': config}
def config_start_init(self, start_auth, start_resolver):
Test the configuration is loaded at the startup.
bob = MockBob()
config = self.construct_config(start_auth, start_resolver)
class CC:
def get_full_config(self):
return config
# Provide the fake CC with data
bob.ccs = CC()
# And make sure it's not overwritten
def start_ccsession():
bob.ccsession = True
bob.start_ccsession = lambda _: start_ccsession()
# We need to return the original _read_bind10_config
bob._read_bind10_config = lambda: BoB._read_bind10_config(bob)
self.check_started(bob, True, start_auth, start_resolver)
def test_start_none(self):
self.config_start_init(False, False)
def test_start_resolver(self):
self.config_start_init(False, True)
def test_start_auth(self):
self.config_start_init(True, False)
def test_start_both(self):
self.config_start_init(True, True)
def test_config_start(self):
Test that the configuration starts and stops processes according
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