Commit 11133485 authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[trac810] Call checkers with virtual modules

parent 2e11f6cd
......@@ -312,24 +312,36 @@ class ConfigManager:
# todo: use api (and check the data against the definition?)
old_data = copy.deepcopy(
conf_part = data.find_no_exc(, module_name)
update_cmd = None
use_part = None
if conf_part:
data.merge(conf_part, cmd)
update_cmd = ccsession.create_command(ccsession.COMMAND_CONFIG_UPDATE,
seq =, module_name)
answer, env =, seq)
answer = ccsession.create_answer(1, "Timeout waiting for answer from " + module_name)
use_part = conf_part
conf_part = data.set(, module_name, {})
data.merge(conf_part[module_name], cmd)
use_part = conf_part[module_name]
if module_name in self.virtual_modules:
# The module is virtual, so call it to get the answer
error = self.virtual_modules[module_name](use_part)
if error is None:
answer = ccsession.create_answer(0)
answer = ccsession.create_answer(1, error)
# Make sure just a validating plugin don't kill the whole manager
except Exception as excp:
# Provide answer
answer = ccsession.create_answer(1, "Exception: " + str(excp))
# Real module, send it over the wire to it
# send out changed info
update_cmd = ccsession.create_command(ccsession.COMMAND_CONFIG_UPDATE,
update_cmd = ccsession.create_command(
ccsession.COMMAND_CONFIG_UPDATE, use_part)
seq =, module_name)
# replace 'our' answer with that of the module
# replace 'our' answer with that of the module
answer, env =, seq)
answer = ccsession.create_answer(1, "Timeout waiting for answer from " + module_name)
......@@ -338,6 +338,41 @@ class TestConfigManager(unittest.TestCase):
{'result': [0]})
def test_set_config_virtual(self):
"""Test that if the module is virtual, we don't send it over the
message bus, but call the checking function.
# We run the same three times, with different return values
def single_test(value, returnFunc, expectedResult):
# Because closures can't assign to closed-in variables, we pass
# it trough self
self.called_with = None
def check_test(new_data):
self.called_with = new_data
return returnFunc()
# Register our virtual module, check_test)
# The fake session will throw now if it is touched, as there's no
# message or answer ready. Handy, we don't need any code about it
# to check explicitly.
result =
{'item1': value})
# Check the correct result is passed and our function was called
# With correct data
self.assertEqual(self.called_with['item1'], value)
self.assertEqual(result, {'result': expectedResult})
# Success
single_test(5, lambda: None, [0])
# Graceful error
single_test(6, lambda: "Just error", [1, "Just error"])
# Exception from the checker
def raiser():
raise Exception("Just exception")
single_test(7, raiser, [1, "Exception: Just exception"])
def test_set_config_all(self):
my_ok_answer = { 'result': [ 0 ] }
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